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Should Ido a DIY Car Wash/Detail of Hire A Professional Mobile Detailer?

Prevent removing the wax protection or creating swirls on your car, truck, motorcycle by having a professional mobile detailer come to you. Since washing your car is a crucial step in keeping your cars paint in top shape I will go ahead and recommend a few tips and pointers so you can also get great results like us. If you learn anything from what you are reading please remember this: NEVER use household detergents or dish-washing soap (they strip your wax and increase the chance of paint oxidation) You are going to spend a good amount of time washing the exterior and interior of your car, stay in the shade and don’t get started until the hood is cool to the touch. We recommend using a premium soap like 360 Optima Wash along with two buckets. Start by filling the first bucket with plain water ( soft water is recommended but not necessary) Now, on the second bucket is where you will mix your premium soap with water using proper dilution. Now that you have your two buckets ready, its time to rinse the entire vehicle before you start washing it (referred to as a pre-rinse). Work from the top to the bottom of your car/truck. I prefer using a microfiber wash mitt since it makes it easier to wash in sections and rinse off. At this point of the car wash, you will use the bucket that has the plain water to rinse off your wash mitt ( i also like to use a grit guard).

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Why Should I Hire A Mobile Detailer To Wash My Brand New Car?

Once you have washed and rinsed the whole car, we recommend one final rinse with soft water. If you don’t have soft water available remove the nozzle and let the water flow across the surface of your paint. Dry all the remaining water with a jumbo size microfiber towel, and don’t forget the mirrors, trunk and door jams. By washing your car weekly or having a professional mobile detailer from our team you will see the benefits of detailing your car on the exterior and interior

If your goal is to truly remove scratches from the surface of your car’s paint and clear coat then you must have someone do a paint correction service which is one of our specialties here at Streamline Mobile Detail and Tint. tap here to call us and learn more or dial (626) 513-7135

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