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Does My Car Need Paint Correction?

The ability to get your vehicles finish and restoring your cars paint by removing imperfections is referred to as paint correction. Imperfections in your clear coat are often called spider webbing or swirl marks which can occur by taking your vehicle into an automated car wash tunnel or circular washing. Bird droppings, fine scratches, and water spots can also cause your paint to look dull and might require our paint correction service. Make sure that you take your vehicle to an experienced professional mobile detailer if you want to avoid creating more damage like holograms or only having them fill your fine scratches with products that contain fillers. There is some confusion of what paint correction most detailers lack the experience and knowledge. You most likely have heard it refereed to as buffing or polishing, however removing swirls, scuffs and scratches are what this service is all about. If your goal is to truly remove scratches from the surface of you cars paint and clear coat then you must have someone do a paint correction service which is one of our specialties here at Streamline Mobile Detail and Tint. tap here to call us and learn more or dial (626) 513-7135

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Why Does My Car Have Swirl Marks and How Did I Get Them?


When the light hits your car’s paint which has hairline scratches it reflects back as an ugly swirl mark. ( that is why we recommend always measuring your results out in the daylight when possible) Your car will look dull and will lack that showroom finish shine we all want. Spider webbing or halos can be caused by dirt or other contaminants coming in contact with an rubbing against the surface of your paint. You can help avoid this by not using dirty towels, dirty wash sponges and most importantly cheap low quality towels. ( Cheaper will cost you more here)

Since you are already in defense mode do yourself your wallet and vehicle a huge favor by avoiding automated car washes. Remember that a tunnel style car wash goal is to be fast and efficient. They are not graded by quality of work or effectiveness. Lets face it when you see that huge line of cars waiting in line they are not thinking about results they just want a quick wash. That means that there will be some cross-contamination between all those cars. How many is that per year? When I say cross contamination think of all the rocks, dirt, chemicals and in some cases (road salt mostly found in the east coast ) Where do you think all this ends up on? If you said your car then you are a smart cookie. Before it ends up on your car or truck it first gets all over the brushes and huge towels of the automated car washes. Then it just slaps your car around a couple times ( aka cleans it). Imagine how much damage a small lil pebble that is stuck on a brush or towel can do. This is why when someone ask me should I wash my car on a automated car wash? I simply reply “what did your car do to deserve this” lol

In all seriousness remember swirl marks and light scratches can be avoided with proper care and washing techniques. We all know that it is easier said than done of course. If you find yourself guilty or have fallen for the quick wash ( more like swirl makers) then depending on the damage you will require a few stages or steps of paint correction.

This is where our professional mobile detailing and paint correction service can help you.  The process of paint correction requires a high level of expertise, knowledge and can be very time-consuming tap here to call us and learn more or dial (626) 513-7135

The level of the results will vary depending on the paint condition and type. Depending on the condition of your paint we might need to do a few stages or steps of paint correction. Click or tap here to call us now

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