Getting My House Windows Tinted Near Glendora?


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Getting your windows tinting for your home is not as common as your car, office building, however its possible and its beneficial. The benefit that you are use to getting in your vehicle can now be experienced in a residential setting thanks to window film. As a homeowner you can now get the benefit of filtering out some of the sunlight.

Does Window Tint Reduce Heat? (hint summer time)

Without getting to technical tinting your home will reduce thermal rays which produce heat so the answer is yes. Besides looking like a VIP that is one of the top reasons for tinting your vehicles, home or commercial properties windows. Now that we are on the same page about thermal rays know we need to talk about heat rejection properties. The quality of your window film tint type and shade will be important when talking these properties. Asking about heat rejection percentages comes down to the provider you choose from. We American Standard Window Film which has certified energy performance label for 21 individual window film products.  tap here to call us and learn more or dial (626) 513-7135


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What is Solar Tint? Can It Be Used in Commercial Buildings?


Just like you would expect solar tint to block heat build up in your vehicle it will work just as well in your office, home and commercial buildings. If you picture any building in a downtown area you are probably going to imagine a high rise with large windows with an awesome view. There is a cost to pay for that view since all that sunlight will quickly heat up the room and increase your electricity bill.

Now there is away where you can have the best of both worlds. Keep your breathtaking views from your large windows and let plenty of the good natural light in. Solar window film will block the sun rays that make the cost of your bill go trough the roof. Ok. that sounds great for the summer time but what about the winter months? Since this type of window film also has insulation type properties it will prevent the heat from escaping your home.

Hopefully we were able to provide some type of valuable information about window tinting your home or commercial properties. If you still have any questions or will like to learn more about this topic please give us a call by clicking or tapping the button above or Click or tap here to call us now

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